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2017 Teens Top Reads

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172 Hours on the Moon Book Review

172 Hours on the Moon Book Review
By: Anthony Azzi
            The book I read is called, “172 Hours on the Moon” is by Johan Harstad. This book is a science fiction book about space. This book takes place a couple years in the future in 2019. The setting started in 3 different countries in the world then transferred to Houston, TX. After that most of the book took place in space. The 3 main characters are Mia Nomeland, a girl from Norway, Midori Yoshida, a girl from Japan, and Antoine Devereux, a boy from France. NASA was choosing 3 teenagers for a space mission and these were the 3 teens that were chosen. The book starts off with NASA discussing a new plan to get them popular again. They ended up agreeing on holding a huge lottery to send 3 teens from the ages 14 to 18. They held a huge lottery and ended up drawing Mia, Antoine, and Midori. Mia’s parents signed her up even though she hated the idea. Antoine wanted to leave Earth because of depression, and Midori just wanted to be able to move to New York. They go through 3 months of training. Then on June, the day finally came. They took off with their parents watching them. The shuttle was full of the 3 teens and a crew of 5 veteran astronauts. Their mission was to stay on the moon in a dome for 172. When they first went to space the teens were so astonished and extremely nervous.
            So far this book is really interesting in my opinion. The story starts of really well in introducing the teens and the plan NASA has. This book flows well and has an amazing storyline. It goes through what they have to do, their problems, and their actions. I like how it shows the different teens prospective and what they think about the project. I only have a couple problems with this book. The first one is that it can get really boring at times. The second one is that the book doesn’t talk about Antoine that much. Other than does two reasons I really like this book. I recommend this book to people that enjoy science fiction and also people that like space books and suspense. I give this book a 3.5 stars out of 5. In my opinion this book was fun to read but it gets boring sometimes.

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